Travel Blog: William Penn Inn

If you are visiting Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for a great urban adventure and historical vacation, or simply find yourself in the great state of “Virtue, Liberty, and Independence”, be sure to pencil in dinner at the William Penn Inn.

A Brief History:

Have you ever wanted to dine at an inn established in 1714, experience top-quality service and incredible gourmet delicacies and drinks while surrounded by American history? The William Penn Inn awaits your arrival. Approximately 45 minutes outside downtown Philadelphia, the Inn sits in a town called Gwynedd. In the 1700’s William Penn and his daughter used to ride their horses from Philadelphia to visit with the Quakers in Gwynedd, and would take shelter and dine at the William Penn Inn.

After ownership of the property on which the Inn had been built was transferred, electricity was added in 1900, stables were built, and a third story was added to the Inn’s main building. Still operating today, the William Penn Inn is the oldest continually-operating Inn in Pennsylvania.

The Dining Experience:

Whether you choose to dine in your own private room equipped with your own personal server, or in the main dining room on either level of the Inn, your taste buds will be delighted! There is live music (frequently a harpist) on the main level dining room floor adding to the elegance of the Inn, and ornate woodwork throughout the building. If you plan to visit for dinner, the Roasted Duck à La Orange is a personal favorite, and popular among many guests. Every item on the menu is sure to please even the pickiest of diners, and be sure to request the hot bacon dressing on your salad- it must not be missed!


There are several rooms at the William Penn Inn that still operate as they did in 1714. Adorned in period furnishings with Carrara marble showers in the en-suite bathrooms and breakfast served to your room for each morning of your stay, the William Penn Inn’s lodging options combined with the luxurious and warm dining experience make staying here worth while. If you happen to be lucky enough to attend a wedding held in the ballroom at the Inn, I recommend checking room availability so after you sample perhaps one too many Parisian Cosmos or other signature drinks, you can stumble to the cozy comfort of luxury upstairs. In the morning, wake up to a gourmet brunch in the restaurant, sure to satisfy any and all diners with mouth-watering choices.

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

After experiencing the charming and elegant William Penn Inn, you may find yourself not wanting to return to the hustle and bustle of downtown Philadelphia, or postponing the car ride to visit your in-laws in the suburbs. Rest-assured, the William Penn Inn has been around for hundreds of years and will likely be around for hundreds more.






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